Our Services


Accounting helps you track income and expenditures, ensure statutory compliance, and provide investors, management, and government with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions.

Online Accounting – Work will be done at our office. Documents will collect either through us or by mail. Monthly reports to be delivered by mail only.

Part-Time – A Part-Time accountant would perform all the services of a Full-Time accountant at your office. Weekly visits will be 1/2/3/6 days in a week. Compliance to be done at your office, with senior supervisors visit.

Full-Time – Full-Accountants can handle much more office work relating to accounts, banking, and tax-related work. He will follow your office rules also our senior supervisor will visit client office weekly 1/2/3 days.


  1. GST – Registration
  2. GST – Return Filing GSTR 1, 3B, 4, Reconciliation with 2A
  3. GST – Refund
  4. GST – Annual Return & Audit.
  5. GST – Departmental work

Income Tax

  1. ITR – Individuals & NRI
  2. ITR – Self Employed & Professionals
  3. ITR – HUF, Trust, Society
  4. ITR – Company
  5. Assist in Tax Audit & Other Audits.


  1. TDS Return – Other than salary (Form 26Q)
  2. TDS Return – Salary Payment (Form 24Q)
  3. TDS Return – Sale of property – (Form 26QB)
  4. TCS Return – Payments outside India (Form 27EQ)
  5. TDS Return – Payments outside India (Form 27Q)

P Tax

  1. Professional Tax registration
  2. Professional Tax periodical Return Filing


  1. Provident Fund Registration
  2. Voluntary Provident Fund Registration
  3. Maintenance of Register
  4. Monthly Compliances
  5. Refund Claim
  6. KYC Update


  1. ESIC Registration
  2. Monthly Compliances
  3. Maintenance of Register
  4. Refund Claim
  5. KYC Update


  1. Company Incorporation
  2. Periodical ROC Compliances
  3. Annual ROC Compliances
  4. Stock Exchange Compliances
  5. Assistance in Statutory Audit & Other Audits.
  6. Preparation of Minutes

Internal Audit

  1. GST Internal Audit
  2. Financial Internal Audit
  3. Stock Audit
  4. Management Audit
  5. Debtors & Creditors reconciliation.
  6. Any other managerial Audit.